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Several Features Originally Intended For iOS 17 Are Added In iOS 17.3

Yesterday, Apple released macOS Sonoma 14.3 for all compatible devices, watchOS 10.3, tvOS 17.3, and iOS and iPadOS 17.3.

Apple Music now offers collaborative playlists, and iOS 17.3 introduces “Stolen Device Protection.” The promise of collaborative playlists in iOS 17 has been met with mixed results; they were implemented in the iOS 17.2 beta but were taken out before the release of that update. They are now, at last, reaching every user.

For some sensitive phone actions, Stolen Device Protection requires Face ID or Touch ID verification “with no passcode fallback” when activated.Additionally, a feature known as Security Delay necessitates using Face ID or Touch ID once, waiting an entire hour, and then completing another biometric authentication before carrying out some really crucial tasks, including as modifying the device’s passcode.

Support for AirPlay in participating hotels, an enhanced view for monitoring the warranty status of all your devices, a new Unity wallpaper in observance of Black History Month, and “crash detection optimisations” are among the other features of iOS 17.3.

iOS is the most stable, as is frequently the case with these concurrent operating system upgrades from Apple. The AppleCare & Warranty Settings panel and the collaborative playlist tool are also new to macOS 14.3, but those are the only user-facing enhancements.

A new 2024 Black Unity face has been added to watchOS 10.3, and it is intended to be paired with the corresponding new watchband. Additionally, tvOS 17.3 only brings back the iTunes Movie and TV Show Wishlist feature, which was previously eliminated.

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