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New iPad Pro Outperforms the Previous Generation in the Extreme Bend Test

As the new iPad Pro arrives, the inescapable stress tests on YouTube are already available online. When JerryRigEverything and AppleTrack uploaded their bend test films, they appeared to reach the same conclusion: the new iPad Pro appears to be fairly resistant to bending under typical use and can withstand strong forces.

The M4 iPad Pro emerged nearly undamaged, but the M2 iPad Pro had a noticeable curl in the corner close to the cameras. AppleTrack performed the identical bends with the M2 iPad Pro and the new M4 iPad Pro to compare. The gadget, at least when bent horizontally, was commended by JerryRigEverything for having “black magic levels of structural integrity.”

With a vertical bend, the device gave way to the pressure much more quickly, most likely as a result of the force acting against the new internal reinforcing structure’s axis and the brittleness of the bottom charge port holes.

Although iPads can bend with nearly any force, they often return to their original shape in most everyday conditions. For the testers to achieve a lasting bend, they needed force significantly more than one would anticipate from daily living.

What’s probably even more amazing is that, despite the tremendous force applied to them, all of the iPads continued to function, including their touchscreens and cameras, despite having a severely cracked and curved glass surface.

It appears that we won’t experience another #BendGate like we did in 2018, at least not from these early indications. When the new 2018 iPad Pro form factor was released, there was a stir over it since some users discovered that the tablets will bend even with regular use, and in some cases, straight out of the box.

Not all of the later revisions—including this most recent 2024 generation—show the same symptoms. But even so, you should be concerned if, for example, you place your iPad in your purse beneath several hefty books.

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