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Motorola Edge 30 Ultra Gets The Android 14 Update

The Motorola Edge 30 Ultra had its worldwide debut in 2022. Out of the package, Android 12 OS was installed. Last year, an update to Android 13 was made for the smartphone. The Edge 30 Ultra is currently receiving a significant OS update. Android 14 is the most recent operating system for the device. To learn more, continue reading.

Android 14 is released for the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra.

In Europe and Latin America, Motorola is gradually pushing out the Android 14 update to Edge 30 Ultra owners. The firmware build number for the software upgrade is U1SQ34.52-21-1. It is being distributed via the air, and the 1.45GB download file is large. It is advised to download the update via a reliable network connection, such as WiFi.

Since the update is being issued gradually, it can take some time for it to reach every Edge 30 Ultra device. The Android 14 upgrade ought to be available for the smartphone in other markets as well. By going to Settings > System Updates > Check for updates, users can manually check for the update.

The Motorola Edge 30 Ultra’s Android 14 upgrade includes a number of enhancements and new functionality. The phone can now be used as a webcam, it has new system fonts, a comprehensive battery settings page, enhanced privacy and security, and new monochromatic themes with more colour possibilities.

Motorola previously verified last month which handsets are eligible to receive the Android 14 update. The newest model on the list is the Edge 30 Ultra. Previously, the G53, Edge+ 2023, and Edge 40 Pro smartphones received the OS upgrade from the Lenovo-owned company.

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