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Momar Sakanoko French Basketball Star is taking a new route

Momar Sakanoko french basketball propsectdecided to retire from his basketball career. After a successful season playing for the club of Bahia Basket hedid not extend his contract with the club and announced on social media that he is officially retire.

During his season at Bahia basket Momar started to make noise and get the attention of Nba scouts and GM’S, however, he wanted to realize his dreams of entrepreneurship and made the decision to focus on his new career.

He created the Be Great Company to help top talents around the world to realize their dreams but also work in partnership with some of the most iconic brands like Nike, Puma or Adidas.

Momar has brought with him the best sports agents, lawyers, film makers,  business consultant and marketing experts to develop this company to the fullest.

He said in a previous interview that he is looking to grow the Be Great Company into the most dominant one in the world.

Momar’s future is limitless, his ambition and passion will take him to great heights.

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