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Microsoft makes available for free their AI-powered reading coach

With a Microsoft account, all you need to access Microsoft’s most recent AI technology, which is being released for free.

Reading Coach is a reading, pronunciation, and fluency application driven by generative AI that offers instructors and students an effective and captivating learning environment.

All reading levels can be accommodated by this learning accelerator, which also offers feedback and specially tailored learning objectives for every learner based on their need.

Changes in Education

According to Microsoft, having fluency in reading greatly increases a student’s chances of graduating from high school and landing a decent career. But in this technological age, shoving a book down a student’s throat might not be the wisest course of action.

Reading Coach uses AI-generated stories that are influenced by the individual decisions each student makes to advance the story, transforming what can sometimes be a scary and stressful learning experience into a dynamic and fun one.

As the narrative develops, the AI identifies phrases that the student could find especially challenging to pronounce. It then gives them immediate feedback to help them become better at it while simultaneously giving their teachers information about how they’re doing.

Every story’s content is regularly reviewed to ensure that every student has a secure and developmentally appropriate learning experience. As they proceed, learners will be able to access new settings for their stories, characters that might accompany them on their individual learning path, and progress badges.

Anyone with a Microsoft account can access the application both online and through a Windows app, and it is anticipated that future versions would allow interaction with other learning management systems (LMS), such as Canvas.

Alongside the launch of the Reading Coach, Copilot for Microsoft 365 and Loop are now more widely available. As part of Microsoft’s Copilot expansions for educational audiences, Copilot was made available for purchase by educational institutions with 365 on January 1st, 2024.

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