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Make way for illuminate B. Candles, taking over the home decor and self-care business with honesty and authenticity

Created and owned by a black woman, illuminate B. Candles, with its range of eco-friendly candles, offers people a one-of-a-kind sensory experience capable of uplifting their moods.

Isn’t it incredible to learn about all those brands and businesses that, instead of following the norms set by other successful brands, choose to thrive on a powerful purpose coupled with the founder’s passion? Well, there are a handful of brands that, over the years, have gained more recognition because they take unconventional paths to reach their desired success while also making sure to inspire many other up-and-comers in their industry, much like what the brand illuminate B. Candles has done in the candle manufacturing, home decor, and self-care business.

illuminate B. Candles is the brainchild of a tenacious black woman named Briana Stout, who is of Panamanian and West Indian descent. Speaking on her inspiration to start this incredible brand, she said that people, unfortunately, have considered self-care a luxury, the mindset that she wishes to transform, emphasizing that self-care is a necessity and not a luxury. Candles, according to her, emerge as a powerful tool for self-care. Making self-care accessible to all through candles inspired her to establish her brand, illuminate B. Candles.

Since 2019, Briana Stout, a proud founder, has been whipping up soy wax candles from her kitchen and has created a luxury soy candle business with a collection of over 15+ scents. Each of her products has garnered much attention from people for all the right reasons, like her signature 10-ounce candles, which burn up to 60 hours in a hand-blown, black glass jar.

Even the jars exude luxury, featuring bold and vibrant labels with clever scent names such as “Let That ManGo” and “Blacker the Berry,” which can also be repurposed. Her USP is her focus on sustainability and creating clean and eco-friendly candles that are handmade and made from non-toxic soy wax, 100% cotton wicks, and premium, chemical-free fragrance oils.

Offering products to men and women and to all those who seek balance and luxury in life, illuminate B. Candles has, in just a few short years, spellbound people with its honesty and authenticity as a brand.

To learn more, visit its Instagram page now @illuminatebcandles_.

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