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Love and separation music by Mostafa Abedini

The famous Iranian model and singer faced a lot of feedback from the fans after the release of the music of love and separation.

The music of love and separation has had more than several thousand hits on all music platforms, including Soundcloud, YouTube Music, Spotify, etc.

Mostafa Abedini was born on 06/16/1990 and started his professional singing career in 2018.

He, who worked as a model until now and has had official and professional activities in the world of modeling, was able to create many margins once again.

Mostafa Abedini added in his recent interviews;

I had cultivated the talent of singing since I was a child, and I always strived to be better in my goals, and during this time I was modeling, I attended most of the music classes and was ready for the days to show myself in the music world, to Finally, in early 2018, I released my first music and music video.

Also, one of his best musical works can be mentioned the music of Love and Separation, Kari Ken, and Koli.

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