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LineageOS 21 with Android 14 Redesigned Apps and Improved Features

The well-liked custom ROM LineageOS is releasing LineageOS 21, an Android 14 build that includes an ad-free Android TV launcher in addition to a few significant enhancements.

LineageOS 21, the first build of the custom ROM based on Android 14, was unveiled this week. The builds are really a month behind schedule, having been released approximately four months after Google’s original release. The major upgrades are to built-in apps, however the release also introduces important Android 14 features and updates to LineageOS.

The Calculator, Jelly (browser), Dialer, Messaging, Contacts, LatinIME (keyboard), Eleven (music player), and Aperture (camera) are among the core programmes that LineageOS has updated significantly. In the meantime, “Glimpse,” LineageOS’s new default gallery app, has also seen some updates.

A new boot animation, support for quicker A/B updates using Google’s new technique, a light mode for Quick Settings, an enhanced setup menu, and a welcome adjustment to Android TV builds are among the other noteworthy upgrades.

Users will receive an ad-free Android TV launcher for devices running Android TV and supporting LineageOS. That’s still appreciated because occasionally the advertisements have gotten a bit too much. Although technically this functionality has always been there, this year’s addition is the ability to select between the personalised launcher and Google’s.

Numerous devices will soon be able to access LineageOS 21 builds.

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