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Know about one of the  biggest player of the new age digital marketing: Himanshu Goyal !

“It’s not what you sell that matters as much as how you sell it!”

– Brian Halligan

In today’s age of social media when the digital marketing industry is booming tremendously, brands that still only follow the traditional way of marketing are lacking a major proportion of valuable audiences and customers worldwide. Nowadays, if a brand isn’t using digital media and isn’t including digital marketing in its marketing plan and budget, has a greater chance to fail than others using them for their benefit properly. Digital media not only provides the perk of reaching a wider and more specific as well as broad audience worldwide but also is cheaper than traditional ones. In this age of social media when the majority (over 90%) of the audience worldwide is currently using social media, browsing and consuming content, it’s easier to influence them through content marketing digitally than hoardings or newspapers. Marketing is all about how you can influence your target audience to take consider and take interest in your products and eventually sell to them! Himanshu Goyal, a new-age digital marketer knows this thing very well and is a big player in the field of digital marketing.

Himanshu Goyal is a young social media entrepreneur hailing from the city of Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. Born on 2nd Oct 2002, he was always quite an observer and deep thinker, taking great interest in the growing technologies. During his school days, he got to know about Instagram and started engaging on the platform building an audience and connections when eventually he got enough experience in the field, he started a public business profile of his own on Instagram to start earning through it and grow it as his main source of income and future business. He started everything from scratch and now he runs a successful digital marketing agency and has a huge base of millions of followers worldwide.

Talking about the educational background of Himanshu, he has completed his schooling and is currently pursuing BCA from PIMR, Indore (final year). His passion and desire for the field of social media led him to start something of his own through Instagram as a digital marketer, and he created a successful and profitable system out of it. Social media marketing not only requires smart work but also needs the marketer to be creative and Himanshu has always been much creative. He has a keen interest in playing musical instruments and in sports like cricket. His idols are MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Albert Einstein, Elon Musk, and Gary Vee majorly.

Himanshu has always been consistent in his actions and plans and his passion keeps him upgrading his skills and knowledge on a timely basis. He believes that digital marketing and social media management is something that needs consistent upgradation in knowledge and mindset for the present situation as well as preparation of future circumstances and this belief of him led him now to run a successful digital marketing agency of his own!

Creativity helps in framing a fool-proof marketing plan while good communication skills help in attracting and retaining customers. Himanshu has always been fond of working with new people and has a great level of communication skills due to this feature of him. Himanshu’s presence of mind and personality are very well appreciated by his clients.

Himanshu Goyal is really an inspiration for budding digital entrepreneurs worldwide as, they can learn a lot from his way of planning, management, and communication style.

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