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Kenes Rakishev and Aselle Tasmagambetova inaugurated a new building of the Shoqan Walikhanov School

Starting from September 1, 2023, the private school named after Shoqan Walikhanov will welcome high school students from grades 7 to 11 in its new school building.

The modern, innovative school building, designed with the latest teaching methodologies and educational standards in mind, can accommodate 520 senior students. It provides unique opportunities to expand the intellectual, creative, and academic horizons of its students.

The primary concept is to meet the educational needs of each individual student to the fullest extent. This means that a personalized career trajectory is created for each high school student.

The individual path includes nine developmental directions, and each graduate receives the corresponding certificates, diplomas, or credentials.

The school’s leadership pays attention to all aspects of students’ personal development, aiming for them to not only succeed in their professional endeavours but also become ethical leaders proud of their country’s traditions and culture.

In the new educational building, you’ll find a sports hall covering 600 square meters, a modern library with a spacious reading area for 80 readers, three high-tech lecture halls, an amphitheatre with 360-degree LED screens, a cafeteria with seating for 400, dance and judo studios, over ten creative relaxation zones for students, a cafeteria, and much more.

The opening of the innovative building marks another milestone in our school’s journey since its establishment. It reaffirms our commitment to individualized education and the belief that each student is unique, with their own aspirations and needs. We have created an educational environment that allows students to develop in all aspects and succeed in their professional field while becoming well-rounded individuals proud of their cultural heritage. Together with our dedicated educators, we are ready to fulfil this mission, opening a new chapter in the history of education and inspiring our talented students. – Aselle Tasmagambetova.

About Shoqan Walikhanov School

The private school named after Shoqan Walikhanov was founded in 2020 by Kenes Rakishev and Aselle Tasmagambetova. With the opening of the new school building, 1320 students from grades 1 to 11 are taught in both Kazakh and Russian languages.

The educational process is based on advanced international experience and the principle of equal access to quality education. The school’s founders provide free education to the best students and scholarships to the most successful ones.

Education is based on the principles of sustainable development and the UN Sustainable Development Goals from the 1st grade.

Shoqan Walikhanov Private School is the first and only educational institution in the CIS to receive LEED certification, demonstrating compliance with international environmental standards.

Since 2023, the school has been a full member of the UN Global.

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