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Jennifer Lawrence Shows How a Well-Tied Scarf Can Enhance Any Look

Everyone is aware that the best places to find real fashion are the streets of the most exciting cities on earth, not the runways. That couldn’t have been more true during Fashion Month, when the streets of New York, London, Milan, and Paris were dominated by bold trends like bows, exposed bras, sheer dresses, florals, huge pants and skirts, western vibes, and, my personal favorite, the return of the babushka scarf.

The word “babushka” in Russian means “grandmother,” and the name of this scarf design originated from the fact that charming European grandmothers would frequently tuck a scarf under their chins during the winter or when running errands.

However, the headwear has evolved into a premium accessory and something of a status symbol throughout the years. The babushka was a prominent feature in some of the most memorable looks of Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Grace Kelly, as well as Kendall Jenner, Chloë Sevigny, and Jennifer Lawrence. These days, many girls have adopted the trend.

Lawrence garnered media attention only a month prior when she appeared in public in Paris while wearing a silky beige and black scarf knotted beneath her chin. And this week, having returned to New York City, she once more exemplified the look, demonstrating how a well-tied scarf can dress up even the most laid-back ensembles.

This time, the actor wore a soft, oversized brown belted coat with a comfortable gray scarf wrapped in the babushka fashion. She wore the outerwear over glossy black leggings from Alo Yoga and added clogs, another classic European accessory, as though she was going to a fitness class. She paired the navy pair with black socks. Lawrence added brown tortoiseshell sunglasses as an accessory to her striking appearance.

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