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Inventor, entrepreneur, writer, or singer ?! “A brief Overview at the Life of the Multi-Potential Iranian Genius, Dr. Mohammad Zeinali

Many years ago, the famous Scottish philosopher, Adam Smith, came up with the idea of “specializing in human beings to increase the efficiency and quality of work”. Although working professionally makes people more skilled and professional in their work over time, there are some drawbacks to this. For example, working professionally has created many tedious and boring jobs. At the same time, not all people in the community need to work in a specialty.

We know many people around us (or maybe we are one of them) who are really interested in a variety of topics. Even among the most successful people in the world, there have been those who have not necessarily worked in a single job or specialty from the beginning to the end of their lives.

In the past, people who worked on several skills were called omniscient or versatile. Even the greatest scientists in Iran and the world have had more than one potential.

For example, Jabir ibn Hayyan is proficient in alchemy, astronomy, astronomy, medicine, philosophy, physics, and logic.

Hakim Razi has worked in cosmology, logic, philosophy, astronomy, chemistry, and mathematics.

But if we do not go too far back in history, we can also turn to the Iranian genius Dr. Mohammad Zeinali. He has been the CEO of Emdad Gostar Company and the owner of LiveKade media since 2003. He’s the director of Esteghlal football club IPTV (media of Audio and video), and he is also a business consultant and media consultant.

Dr. Zeinali has registered more than 15 inventions in various fields so far, and among them, three inventions have won gold medals at the Geneva Invention Exhibition. He is currently preparing for his new inventions that will be presented at the exhibition this year.

The Geneva Inventions Exhibition is the world’s largest event dedicated exclusively to inventions. You can find all the innovations only in this exhibition, which will be displayed just once. The industrial and commercial sectors of companies, universities, inventors and researchers, associations, organizations, and private and public institutions will present their inventions, research results and new products.

In addition, he has written several books on various topics. Among the topics that Dr. Mohammad Zeinali has dealt with so far, we can mention telecommunications sciences, electronics, astronomy, education, sports, medical engineering, entrepreneurship, innovation, and even the field of art and singing.

But how such people can pursue a wide variety of topics and achieve great success in any field ?!

As you know, we humans have entirely unique needs and abilities. We hate repetition and sit to get swamped.

We like our work to be varied and to experience many jobs and careers. We hate boredom and lethargy. Specialization may not necessarily be useful for everyone in society. It may take a lot of professionalism to train very professional people, but there are many people who have several potential abilities.

In fact, by using these abilities in one direction, they can stand head and shoulder above the rest.

In fact, being multi-potential can be a great threat or a great opportunity.

It will affect your life, depending on how you use it. So, it is essential and efficient for you to choose a good old or contemporary role model who has been succeeded and able to use this feature well.

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