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Instagram Skincare Expert; The Best Tatiana Cutelli – Face Coach

Tatiana Cutelli is a renowned facial coach in Italy. Throughout her career, she has treated more than 15,000 clients. She launched her skincare brand HelysH beauty.

What She Recommended for Skincare:

  • Use a towel headband; you can wrap your hair when you wash your face, apply makeup and mask, or do exercise and yoga; headbands prevent your hair from affecting your movements, stopping sweat, and keeping your face and neck relaxed.
  • Use a fluffy cotton towel characterized by lightness, softness, and rapid absorption when you dry your hands and face or after a hot shower. It will offer maximum comfort and quick results.
  • Drink Sant’Anna Beauty Natural Mineral Water with Rose & Red Fruits Flavor, which contributes to protecting cells from oxidative stress and preserving the skin’s physiological state. It is not an alternative for a varied and balanced diet and a proper lifestyle. It’s a triple action formula for skin elasticity, wrinkle reduction, and nail strengthening.
  • Apply YANSER Eye Mask while sleeping; it’s a lightweight and portable eye mask. When you sleep, you will not feel anything in your eyes or head. It’s a soft odorless sleep mask, ideal for afternoon naps and travel.
  • Silk pillowcases are kinder on the skin; acne or sensitive skin must have a silk pillowcase. It prevents wrinkles and also keeps hair shiny. The Silk pillowcases are silky and smooth and do not damage your skin and hair.
  • Use Lezed DIY Natural Face Mask Compresses Cotton Cloth Compression Sheet Mask; it has a strong absorption ability to clean away the oil and dirt from the skin. The mask is thin and light, very breathable, and suitable for all types of skin.

Tatiana Cutelli – skin expert italian guru on instagram:

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