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How to Get More Followers on Instagram in 2020

1. Share relatable, humanized images.

Some of the most valuable things I find from common Instagram accounts is that all their images are intimate, individual, and relatable. What this means is that they take photos that their audience can emotionally connect with, including behind-the-scenes shots, current activities, inspirational scenery, etc. Pictures don’t have to be perfect; the most important thing is to make the viewer know they’ve been shot by another human being, not a “template.” Social media is about interacting with the followers, and if you show them fantastic pictures they ‘re going to evoke some sort of emotion, they ‘re going to enjoy it, comment on it, and visit you for more amazing photographs.

In other words, don’t use Instagram as a platform to boast about things if you’re looking to build a community of followers.

How to add more fans on Instagram using follows

A beautiful image that captures the attention of people.

2. Connect to your Facebook account.

One of the simplest things that is often overlooked is to connect to your Facebook account. Why is that important? Ok, as Instagram is part of Facebook, more and more Instagram events are being uploaded to the Facebook wall with priority. That means that every time you take a photo or something like that, that story can be shared on your friend’s Facebook feed. It would make the company page more available, and eventually more fans.

Not to mention, Instagram lets you auto-follow or search all your Facebook mates in seconds. By connecting to your Facebook account, you make it easy for all your friends / network to find you.

How to add more fans on Instagram

3. Using the correct, common hashtags.

Any time you take a picture, you should have a hashtag with a related or famous tag to get more attention. Believe it or not, people are looking for Instagram hashtags on specific topics. That being said, you should consider adding 1-3 hashtags per photo (more than that looks like spam — and people don’t like that). When you do, you offer more chances to identify and engage with the object. The more people you find and interact with your photo, the more likely they will be to check your Instagram profile and follow you for more great photos.

Here are the top 20 tags for Instagram today:

# Love’s

# install successful

# me. # me


# tbt (Throwback on Thursday)

# Photo of the day

# Follow the

# Yes

# The Amazing

# Happily

# The Woman

# l4l #


# pic of the day

The # throwbackday

# Christmas’


# Great

# like, # like

How to add more fans on Instagram

Use the appropriate hashtags, but don’t overdo it.

4. The sort of filter matter.

The filters … the feature that caused Instagram to take off. The filters give each photo beauty and uniqueness. By making your photo breathless, exciting, or unforgettable, viewers are more likely to connect with your photo, and they want to follow you because they want more stunning images.

Did you know that the filter you choose has a lot to say about who you are? Check out the infographic fun below:

How to add more fans on Instagram

Fun infographic to see what the filters are saying about you!

5. Time is the answer.

Even if you take the most beautiful photo in the world, it doesn’t matter or get any engagement if you share it in the middle of the night. After seeing a lot of people use Instagram for months, I’ve found that the two main periods when people can search Instagram is either in the morning when they wake up or in the evening when they go home after work. (Why? My guess is that each of these moments, your brain is drained and what you want to do is see what your mates are up to and be entertained by photos — without needing to read or think.) According to the chart below, the perfect thing to post is Wednesdays at 5-6pm.

You will want to avoid posting pictures at these two periods of the day because they will deliver optimum interaction outcomes. Other than that, you would also like to learn that a normal Instagram post has a life span of 3-4 hours before it gets moved too deep down the list that nobody sees.

How to add more fans on Instagram

Married. We d. 5-6pm is the best time to share.

6. Have a call for action.

There are some very clever yet subtle accounts that always have a clear call to action in all their photos. What I mean is that they post a photo and a commentary is something like “Double tap if you grinned …” or “comment to your favorite caption.” If you offer clear instructions for fans to follow, they ‘re 2x more likely to engage with the photo / article.

Again, more engagement = more exposure = more potential for followers.

How to add more fans on Instagram

The only way to encourage engagement.

7. Engage by following and enjoying the photos of others.

If you expect people to engage with your posts, they expect the same thing. This means engaging, engaging, and engaging with other people’s photos. The more active you are, the more open your username / account becomes to the owner and the followers of the owner. I found myself going to the Instagram account of people and following them because they liked a picture of mine.

The key reason behind this is that if anyone likes my post, I feel my work is respected and I want to give my appreciation back by following them.

Hilda Garner has done her majors in journalism from Michigan. Her younger sister is also a successful writer, and the rivalry between the two is legendary. Since becoming a full-time writer, Hilda has published several books. She is currently working as a freelance writer on
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