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HMD Launches the Feature Phones Nokia 230, Nokia 6310, and Nokia 5310

HMD is continuing to use the Nokia brand for its feature phones, but it has embraced a new multi-brand strategy for its smartphones. The three new phones from the Finnish manufacturer, the Nokia 6310 (2024), 5310 (2024), and 230 (2024), are all contemporary takes on vintage models.

Nokia 6310 (2024)

A few additional features are added to this phone for the 2024 edition. It is comparable to the 2021 6310, except HMD added a USB-C port and a larger 1,450 mAh battery.

The other specifications stay the same: a 2.8″ LCD at the front, a dual-SIM slot that supports both cards in standby, an additional microSD card slot, and a VGA camera with flash at the back.

Nokia 5310 (2024)

Although HMD chose to retain the overall look of the 5310 (2020), this phone has grown in size, becoming broader and taller to accommodate the larger 1,450 mAh battery. Unisoc 6531F is the new chipset, which replaces the Mediatek platform. A larger 2.8″ LCD is also a benefit of the larger footprint.

Music is the core of the 5310 brand, and everyone is familiar with the 2007 XpressMusic hit. Here, the volume keys are on the left of the phone, while the play buttons are on the right. Additionally, HMD added a USB-C port to the bottom, but the internal components were the same: dual speakers, FM radio, and 8/16 MB of memory with a microSD card slot.

2024’s Nokia 230

The design of this Nokia 230 is the same as that of its other two siblings, but it has a fresh battery. The phone’s 2015 edition has the exact same footprint, and its 2.8″ TFT with 65K colours is still present. The same 2 MP camera with an LED flash combination is also present on the front and rear panels.

The USB-C port and the 1,450 mAh battery are the main differences. The Unisoc 6531F chipset adds support for Bluetooth 5.0, but retains other features like a 3.5 mm audio jack and 8/16 MB.

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