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Khan sultan an influencer manager and celebrity photographer making waves on social media

Khan Sultan was born on 22nd October 1998 in Mumbai. He always loved capturing things into camera and so he chose to do photography and took it as a career ahead.

He is a professional in Developing a Good Concept,
Picking the Right Location,
Picking the Best Equipment for your Photoshoot,Selecting the Right Models,Making Sure Your Subjects Feel Comfortable,Creating the Right Atmosphere,
Trying Different Things to See What Works.

His work is loved by many influencers and he has also worked with Rits badani and many more.

He also creates content which crosses millions of views. His hobbies include gaming, and creating new things by his own ideas, his favourite actor is Salman Khan as he’s inspired with his personality. He dreams to fulfil his parents dream as they have always been there for him.

It has absolutely not been easy for him to have have these achievements he has definitely given all his time and effort in order to reach where he is today.

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