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Be it sports or business, this young man named Jack Dean has excelled in all.

Football has been his first love and his entrepreneurial journey started with custom jewellery designs based on its theme.

Many young successful individuals have held the reigns of the business world and have emerged as leaders who with their hard work have conquered many territories. These winning instincts make them stand apart from their contemporaries. These super achievers have gone a step ahead and created history of sorts with their careers which have reached dizzying heights of success. They are the future, for they hold the power to make industries thrive with their innovative work which makes them shine bright amongst all. We have amidst us one such individual who has towered in his entrepreneurial journey and emerged as a successful business person at just twenty eight years of age, he is Jack Dean.

Jack hails from Sheffield, UK, and has been a football enthusiast since a young age of ten. Such was his interest towards the sport that he played for the Manchester United Academy till the age of 16. After school he started playing for Fulham FC and moved to London. Football has always been his first love but soon he realised that he needed to set up his career by doing some serious business which would help him build a secure future. With a heavy heart he said adieu to the club and went ahead to lookout for opportunities in the entrepreneurial world. After much research he zeroed on the jewellery business to start off his journey with and started working towards it. Buying and selling jewellery, visiting jewellers and understanding the workings of the business for a year, finally he decided to take the final plunge and jump into the entrepreneurial bandwagon by establishing his foremost custom jewellery design company ‘Jeweller Jack Ltd’, which went on to create history in no time by gaining immense popularity not only in Europe but across the globe.

His brand has become the most sought after customized jewellery creator which has many high-profile athletes and football enthusiasts as his clients. The popularity of his brand is growing by the day and is bound to create history in the world of custom jewellery.

To know more about Jack’s work, follow him on Instagram@jackdean_

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