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Google Announces A New Pixel Feature Drop That Extends Circle To Search To Pixel 7

They are currently in a phase where Google releases new features for its Pixel brand of smartphones every three months. After its initial release on Samsung’s Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra, and its subsequent availability on Google’s Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro earlier this year, Circle to Search is now available on the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro thanks to the latest Pixel feature drop.

The process remains the same: long press the home button or navigation bar, then circle, draw, highlight, or tap a picture, text, or video to receive all the details you require.

When you cast, record, or present in a video conversation on your Pixel Tablet, Pixel Fold, or Pixel 5a 5G and newer phone, you can share only one app at a time using app screen sharing. Thus, if you so want, you are no longer required to share your full screen.

The Connected devices settings page, where you can see previously configured Bluetooth accessories on your new phone or tablet and utilise Fast Pair to connect, has made it much easier to rapidly pair previously used devices.

Using your finger or a pen, you may annotate documents and assignments by hand with Google Docs markups on your Pixel device. Pen and highlighter colours are customisable.

To make multitasking easier, the Gboard keyboard on the Pixel Tablet will shrink into a toolbar when voice input is enabled, taking up less screen real estate.

At last, the 2022 original Pixel Watch is receiving an abundance of new capabilities that were first unveiled on its sequel last year. A completely redesigned workout interface, auto-pause, auto-start, and auto-stop for workouts (running, walking, elliptical, spinning, outdoor bike, treadmill, rowing), heart zone training to track how long you spend in each of your personal heart rate zones based on your resting heart rate and fitness levels, and pace training to set a goal pace during an exercise to know when you’re within your target are all included.

In addition, Google Maps for Wear OS can now provide you with public transportation directions on your Pixel Watch, complete with multiple transit options, real-time departure times, and a compass-enabled map view to help you get where you’re going. The Fitbit Relax app can also lead you through breathing exercises.

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