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Fitbit’s closure support for PC music file transfers

On the off chance that you’re the proprietor of a Fitbit Versa, Versa 2, or Ionic, you’ll soon presently not have the option to move music from your PC to your Fitbit gadget. Fitbit says it’s stopping its Fitbit Connect application on October 13th, passing on you with just two methods for downloading music to your gadget: a paid subscription to one or the other Pandora or Deezer.

Fitbit Connect is a companion application for Mac and Windows PCs that allows you to sync fitness data between gadgets and transfer music to legacy Fitbit gadgets. Fitbit has gradually been progressively eliminating the software for its mobile application, as it no longer suggests that clients download it on its setup page.

Yet, without access to Connect, it’s basically impossible to download music to your Fitbit without a paid subscription to one or the other Pandora or Deezer. On its support page, Fitbit says “you may be eligible for a 90-day trial” of one or the other service, which will run you $9.99/month for Deezer Premium or $4.99/month for Pandora Plus once the trial’s finished.

This change doesn’t influence fresher Fitbit models, be that as it may, as they don’t accompany the option to transfer files between your PC and Fitbit gadget (gadgets like the Versa 3 and Sense currently just let you download music through Deezer or Pandora). Assuming you own a older Fitbit that can store music, you’ll in any case gain access to the music files you have on your Fitbit gadget at the present time — you in all likelihood will not have the option to download any extra songs without Pandora or Deezer past the October deadline.

Numerous clients utilize their Fitbit gadgets to control the music they’re playing on their cell phone, whether they’re streaming music through Spotify or listening to songs already downloaded on their telephone. Yet at the same time, having access to local music files can prove to be useful to utilize your Fitbit without your cell phone.

While Fitbit doesn’t make sense of why it’s disposing of Fitbit Connect, it’s conceivable that there simply isn’t sufficient demand to keep the service up and running.

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