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Emmon Khan – The Owner of Khan Digital Group recounts his Struggle Days, Says- “Never expect overnight success and results.”

Abraham Lincoln once said- “The probability that we may fail in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just.” All of us have our own struggle, fighting daily to achieve our goals and dreams, fighting our challenges, overcoming our obstacles and challenges. We strive so hard to achieve what we want; some get it and some not. The only difference between these two categories is that- The first one doesn’t get scared of failure and the second one are always afraid of the probability of getting failed and therefore they don’t do anything in life to get successful. In today’s feature we’ll be sharing story of a man who moved to a new country with dreams and aspirations just like all of us but through his hard work, dedication and perseverance achieved everything what he wanted.
Emmon Khan, was born in Pakistan, but his family later moved to U.S. in order to attain a better life. Khan’s parents worked hard so that he could get a degree. After growing up partly in the U.S., Emmon graduated from Ohio State University with an accounting and finance degree and worked for an accounting firm making a five-figure annual salary, but this wasn’t enough for him because he wanted to achieve something big, something that would make his parents’ and his struggle worth it. Therefore, he started collecting self-help and personal development resources, one of them was “Think and Grow Rich”, a famous book by Napoleon Hill. Khan says- I purchased and consumed hundreds of books and audio tapes on personal development, and the content I consumed gave me the mindset that I needed to have the success I have today.”

Khan recounts his struggle and says- “I did 13 years of management consulting with over 500 companies in all types of industries (manufacturing, automotive, tech, eCommerce, healthcare, financial just to name a few).” He further continues- “I have been doing eCommerce dropshipping and brand building with Shopify for four years and have generated over 8-figures in sales.”

After all this hard work Khan finally managed to build the Khan Media Group, a digital media agency, which is in charge of running drop shipping and branded Shopify stores, getting customers and leads for local and national businesses through Facebook, LinkedIn and Snapchat ads, and building e-commerce and dropshipping stores, among other things.

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