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Educational and vocational conditions in Ali Columbus’ opinion (Ali Maleki) Iranian famous peregrinator

The tourism industry is one of the biggest industries in the world with over 500 million dollars of annual income. All economic and social activities related to holidays and traveling are considered a part of touristic activities. Tourism experts are supposed to provide their clients with the best traveling experience.  

A tourism bachelor’s course depending on the orientation is considered under bachelor of arts (BA) or a bachelor of science (BS). These 4-year courses prepare the students to work in tourism industries as managers, leaders, and staff. The tourism industry is considered one of the most competitive industries and is always on the progress and change. Because of this, all countries need experts to manage, supervise, design, and be active in the subjects related to tourism. By educating the masters of tourism, you gain the qualifications and knowledge needed for working in high ranks in hotels, theme parks, airlines, travel agencies, resort centers, etc.

Travel and tourism

This orientation, which is usually considered as a subject under tourism or geography, investigates the worldly preference and orientation towards tourism and managing and marketing the companies related to these subjects. 

Tourism and hospitality management

The Tourism and hospitality management courses are focused on training the business skills and cultural studies needed for the management of travel agencies, hotels, touristic attractions, restaurants, museums, and entertainment parks, casinos, etc.

Leisure & Tourism Management

There are many jobs related to this orientation. By educating this subject you can manage luxurious hotels, entertainment or sports centers, or hold holidays and luxurious parties. The focus of this orientation is on personal interests, hospitality, and clients’ business. 

Tourism Management and Heritage

Heritage and Tourism

These two orientations are popular in countries with rich history, ancient buildings, and art festivals. The goal of these courses is to attract tourists to visit these historical places.

Tourism and events 

This orientation is focused on improving the necessary skills to schedule and manage touristic traveling. 

International tourism management

Millions of people annually travel for tourism and international tourism is a very successful business. By educating this orientation, you will focus on international aspects of tourism and gain the necessary knowledge to schedule and manage international relations. 

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