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Here Is How The Blazing Recording Artist Rawalty Is Becoming A Dancehall Heavyweight

Musical artist Rawalty is fast becoming an internationally recognized dancehall superstar with his steady release of dancehall jams. The blazing artist has furnished a peculiar and personal style of music out of the Kingston sound. So far, he has been able to reinvent his image and create music from a personal perspective, as he focuses on the daily struggles of the people.

My journey into dancehall has been a blessed one. I was able to reinvent my image and create a type of music that impacts the way I see things around me. Also, music has given me the privilege to shed light on the day to day struggles of the people in general,” Rawalty says.

Rawalty shows no signs of slowing down, and he continues to accelerate in the industry. He has become a household name that many dancehall music lovers around the world listen to and vibe to. 

By giving the fans a type of music filled with substance and meaning, I feel I could continue to usher in the new wave for dancehall while I base my fundamental views by picking off from where the legends before me stopped. The aim is to take the bar to a next level,” He says.

When it comes to consistency, passion for making music, and dedication to the cause, Rawalty is a major one. The superstar will never shy away from the task of dishing out good music because that is what he is passionate about. He feels that he was born with the talent for making music, and he wants the world to see this talent. According to him:

Besides my talent, I have a natural ear for great music. My mind runs differently when it comes to making music. I like to explore new sounds and concepts.”

 He further said:

I will continue to grow my success by creating more opportunities to appear on the main stage. I feel that if I continue to push out more music with wonderful visuals, everything will fall into gear.”

Rawalty has hurdled a lot of obstacles on his musical journey so far. He faced significant challenges of being able to afford a good music producer, finding a standard music studio, and so on. But he did not let it hinder him from always bringing fresh dancehall sounds and vibes.

I faced a lot of obstacles in the start of my career. I did not have any producers or studios. I also lacked the time to focus on music because there was something always popping up to stop me from giving music my full attention,” He says.

The motivation to keep making good music comes from his family and his natural love for music.

Family and a natural love for music keep me motivated. This is something I wanted to do my whole life. I just want to share my talent with the world. I love music and the type of energy it brings,” Rawalty says.    

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