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Classic Gap’s Logo Hoodie is About to Have A Slight Makeover

The Gap logo has a slightly altered appearance. The retailer’s new partnership with London skatewear company Palace includes the replacement of its famous three-letter logo with a separate three-letter design, “PAL.”

One item in a new ’90s-inspired collection by Palace that features varsity jackets, oxford shirts, windbreakers, and socks is the redesigned logo hoodie. The collection consists of 55 pieces total.

While some of the goods render the Palace logo in Gap’s font or feature the Palace mascot, Jeremy Duck, with a varsity-style letter G, others render the Palace logo in Gap’s normal serif. It’s obvious that the designers enjoyed working on this project.

Gap President and CEO Mark Breitbard stated in a statement introducing the collection, “We love collaborating with partners like Palace who are able to tap into our heritage and reinvent our product icons in a way that is true to their brand DNA.” “Palace is playing by their own rules and we are inspired by their craft. This partnership reflects style and skate culture of the moment, and we are excited for customers to experience this unique expression of Gap.”

The collection also contains a sticker pack and skateboard in addition to clothing. Additionally, Palace is new to designing for children. Last year, the collaboration-obsessed Palace collaborated with brands like McDonald’s, Barbour, Ugg, and Kappa. Since he grew up skateboarding in Gap clothing, founder Lev Tanju finds the Gap relationship particularly meaningful.

Tanju stated in a statement, “Gap is so cool to us: clean, preppy, and all about the good American things like everyone being welcome.” “Gap put out so much iconic content in the era before it was called content and it’s been a real privilege for us to play in that space with them.”

Online sales of the collection are scheduled for March 22.

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