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Business Fest attaches community to businesses

The Family Medical Supply Business Fest 2019 was by and by a noteworthy achievement. It brought people in general and local businesses together for a day filled with freebies, data, food and fellowship.

Dunn Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President Heather Lawson said she was eager to see the day arrive and felt the occasion was another achievement.

“I think we have a great crowd, it’s been pretty steady and we’ve got lots of great vendors, lots of great things to see and the folks have come to learn a little bit about what’s going in Dunn and see what our town has to offer,” Lawson said. “We know shopping local is very important and this is a great opportunity to learn about what you can do.”

Lawson said regardless of the quantity of vendors being lower than in years past, the group was all the while appreciating what was there and there were still a lot of chances for networking and connecting with the general population.

“We’re down this year but we still have a good quality and quantity of people in a good range, from insurance to medical to personal services and we have some nonprofits also,” she said. “I think we had a good variety of things for folks to learn about.”

Lawson said she felt like everybody included was getting a charge out of the occasion and they were making on their time at Business Fest.

“They’re loving everything, they’re having a good time,” she said. “There’s lot’s of good laughter, visiting and prizes being won.”

One of the individuals who made the outing to Dunn for Tuesday’s occasion was Clinton occupant Annie Williams. She said she’s come to Harnett County for what is currently the fourth year.

“I come for the excitement, the freebies and the food,” she said. “The food is really good and the fellowship.”

Guests had the option to trial ice cream from Sisters II. The business made it’s second visit to Business Fest and proprietor Deborah Davis said she was eager to be in Dunn and to meet the majority of the individuals who made a trip to appreciate the company’s solidified treats. Davis said she has considered a to be in her business as an immediate consequence of partaking in a year ago’s Business Fest. She said one of different sellers at any rate year’s occasion called her about a birthday party and accepts occasions like the fest gets the word out rapidly and confidently.

It’s because we were here at the Business Fest,” she said about the referral. “It’s a lot of contacts and I really do believe in the Business Fest and marketing and I really do believe in the chambers (of commerce) for marketing.”

Davis said concerning the people who stop by her booth, she said she accepts they take much more with them than a sack of free presents or a sample of the food distributed by spots, for example, Carolina Packers, Sherry’s Bakery and Carlie C’s IGA.

“If they see us on the road they’ll know what to look for and what we have to offer,” she said. “And hopefully they’ll put in their minds if they have a birthday party coming up, if they have a wedding coming up they will keep us in mind for their event.”

Davis said she accepts the occasion was part into two helpful fragments. The first being the immediate contact with potential clients and the other with individual entrepreneurs.

“In the early part, I think business to customer is the big thing,” she said. “Later on in the day I think business to business and I think that is where a lot of the marketing falls.”

Hilda Garner has done her majors in journalism from Michigan. Her younger sister is also a successful writer, and the rivalry between the two is legendary. Since becoming a full-time writer, Hilda has published several books. She is currently working as a freelance writer on
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