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Blackpink Lisa And BTS V are Joined By Danielle From NewJeans As Celine’s Worldwide Ambassadors

Danielle of NewJeans has been appointed as the newest worldwide brand ambassador for Celine, a luxury brand from France. Danielle made her fashion debut in 2022 with the girl group NewJeans under HYBE Labels. Since then, she has been a major force in the industry because to her impeccable brand endorsements.

On March 22, Celine shared a picture of the emerging star on their official social media channels, announcing the happy news. This remarkable accomplishment is hardly surprising given that NewJeans gained enormous popularity in the two years following their launch.

Danielle NewJeans Has Been Named As Celine’s Global Ambassador

Danielle becomes the latest celebrity to represent the venerable brand. The K-pop sensation is currently standing with Park Bo Gum, Lisa from BLACKPINK, V from BTS, and Celine’s longtime ambassadors. This wonderful news was announced on Celine’s official social media accounts along with a gorgeous picture of the extremely private singer.

ADOR Promotes As Danielle Becomes a Member of Celine’s Global Ambassador List

A press announcement confirming the singer’s new role was also issued by HYBE subsidiary ADOR, which oversees NewJeans. “Danielle plans to engage in various activities as Celine’s global ambassador. We are looking forward to the novel synergy that Danielle and Celine will create together.”

List of Brands Who Support NewJeans

  • As worldwide brand ambassadors for luxury brands, Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein are among the group of girls who have already been signed on.
  • The group’s eldest member, Minji, was named Chanel’s worldwide ambassador on February 13.
  • Hanni, the sole non-Korean member of the group and a Vietnamese-Australian, represents Armani Beauty globally as well as Gucci as a brand ambassador.
  • Danielle is not only a brand ambassador for YSL Beauty and Celine, but she also serves as the worldwide spokesperson for Burberry.
  • As the house ambassador for Dior, Haerin stands in for the company in jewels, beauty, and fashion.
  • Having been the youngest, Hyein represents Louis Vuitton as a brand ambassador.
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