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Bambooli Kitchens launched its first range of Marinade country chicken in association with Farmeshwar Foods

Sindhudurg is about to become the nation’s hot spot for the supply of RTC meat and other range of Indian food products with the launch of Zero Degree farm. The region has yearned for years to get a constant supply of quality meat products and with Zero Degree Farm the wish of millions of people will be finally fulfilled. After the pandemic one of the important trends that emerged in the food industry was the high demand for frozen and instant food range of products amongst customers. It helped millions of Indians with the short food supply in lockdown and made sure that we get to eat all the tasty delicacies when restaurants were closed. Now frozen, readymade and instant food are high in demand and while earlier it was limited to the urban population now the market has consumers from the rural areas as well.

Zero Degre Farm is a joint venture between Bambooli Kitchens and Farmeshwar foods, which are well established and popular food startups in Maharashtra. Established by start-up prodigy Rachana Desai,  Bambooli was started as a simple single base kitchen and by the hard work, dedication and marketing skills of Ms Rachana Desai, Bambooli has become a major player in that arena. According to Rachana, they dedicated two years to exploring customer demand for the readymade food and her focal point was the non-urban population as it was not only an untapped market but also a necessity for the local people as well. Their two virtual kitchens – Bambooli Kitchens ™  and Bank of Biryani are immensely popular among the masses and Biryani, in particular, remains the most exclusive and popular dish in the town. On the other hand, Farmeshwar food is a concept by Milind Bharti – the man behind lots of successful advertising campaigns in India. Milind Bharti is also a well-known marketer and has been consulting many entrepreneurs in their journey. Together the brands are focusing on providing market opportunities to local farmers as well as entrepreneurs. The duo is planning to accommodate more than 2,000,00 poultry farmers in the coming time. Interestingly Milind Bharti has also been advising Bambooli Kitchens since their early days so their collaboration will fill up the gap between the supply and demand of meat products. Recently Milind Bharti has officially joined Bambooli and now heads the company in the position of CEO of Farmeshwar as well as Bambooli Kitchens.

At present, there is a huge shortage of quality poultry products for the restaurant chains and hotels as there is no linking chain between them that can ensure timely delivery with high-quality standards. Zero Degree Farm will link the poultry producers to a larger world outside Sindhudurg. Their current goal is to facilitate poultry farms in hygiene and feed knowledge and help them understand the logistic part to process and preserve their produce and maintain the quality throughout the process.

The official inauguration was attended by CEO Zila Parishad Prajit Nair (IAS), Milind Bharti, Rachana Desai, Anant Sawant ( Founder Mamacho Gaon Agro tourism centre), Mr Sawant     ( Social Worker), Atul Kamble ( Advisor Bambooli Kitchens Organic Farming ), and Mr Dhiraj            ( Advisor Bambooli Kitchens Animal Husbandry ). The ceremony was cherished and celebrated by hundreds of its members, admirers, and many renowned personality and restaurant and food chain owners as well. On the occasion of inauguration Millind Bharti congratulated the team for their efforts and revealed that they have a plan for much unique range of products that will assist millennials to turn into a professional chef with their skills and the quality of the products Zero Degree Farm will deliver. Zero Degree farm hits the bullseye as this is definitely going to be the future of the food industry in India. The impact of Zero Degree Farm is already appearing as the recognition of the brand has reached outside the country as well. In terms of quality standards, business ethics and international level protocol Zero Degree Farm is already ahead of all and sure to inspire other in near future as well.

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