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Amalgamation of Culture and Cuisine by Celebrity Chef – Akshat Parihar

Akshat Parihar brings his expertise to the table where he plans to enlighten people about the culinary arts by educating and introducing them to flavors that can help bring tradition-rich dishes back into their lives in a modern way. He’s passionate about his work because he believes food has the power to change lives, share cultures, and most importantly, bring people together.

An expert craftsman, he is a master at concocting an incredibly vast spectrum of flavors that align with his very personal notion of the fact that food should be considered to be akin to art. Throughout his career, he has worked on numerous projects across the globe and has a repertoire of 18 cuisines.

He is a maestro who pulls inspiration from art. As a skilled practitioner of molecular gastronomy, he is admired for the display of his visually stunning ingredients and components. He is unmatched when it comes to his ability to create edible works of art that are cutting-edge and set new standards for chefs worldwide-particularly those who are looking to create gourmet food!

His main focus is to ensure that authentic food experiences do not become extinct. He believes it is only through an exhaustive knowledge of a culture that one can truly create an authentic food experience for their guests.

Akshat Parihar is a strong believer that Educating & Empowering industry professionals about their area of expertise are imperative to foster  innovation. He’s always been passionate about haute cuisine and aims to go beyond traditional gastronomy by pushing it into the future. After working on multiple projects around the world, he has developed a thorough understanding of different culinary styles, enabling him to create some of life’s most indulgent dishes.

With his future plans, he intends to make gastronomy art a whole lot more accessible. Using distinctive ingredients, composition skills, and impressive presentation techniques, he plans to introduce some innovative dishes with flavors that people around the world can enjoy. One of his most recent captivating creations was the Savory Asparagus Mousse Cocktail that tastes like a savory dish, but can also be enjoyed as a cocktail!



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