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All-New Galaxy Z Fold Ultra is Revealed Via a New Samsung Leak

At this summer’s Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung appears to be planning to unveil not one, not two, but three new Galaxy Z Fold 6 smartphones.

According to the folks at GalaxyClub, Samsung is getting ready to release a new smartphone bearing the SM-F958 model number. The Galaxy Z Fold 6 smartphone is indicated by everything up to the trailing 8, while the top-tier smartphones bearing the “Ultra” label are represented by the trailing 8 in other models.

Strangely, the model number pertains solely to South Korea. This might indicate that Samsung has a few choices. One is that it will be a limited-edition phone that can only be purchased in a few countries, one of them being Samsung’s home country of South Korea. The necessary documentation and official certifications for an Ultra model in other regions that have not yet been released represent a further, and possibly more plausible, choice.

Samsung is developing more than one form of the Galaxy Z Fold 6. The Galaxy Z Fold 6 FE, a less expensive “Fan Edition” device, may exist, as the certification procedure has shown. Due to trade-offs in the usage of less exotic metals, fewer memory and storage options, and potentially outdated components—such as the primary camera being a camera module from 2023—this would appear to offer a more cheap handset.

However, when you combine these, you obtain a hardware triple that is considered classic. The Fan Edition appeals to people whose primary concern is pricing, the Ultra model is for those who value specs above all else and are willing to pay the higher price, and the normal vanilla is available in the middle.

The former would not be considered a flagship if you could only own one phone, while the latter would scare away everyone but the early adopters. For this reason, Samsung has only offered one model to customers up until this point.

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