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Alexa Theander On The Difference Between A Web Developer And Software Engineering

Alexa Theander discusses web developers and software engineering roles that have become popular in the tech industry. What are the similarities? What are their main differences? Alexa Theander will explain the differences between software engineers and web developers.

What is a web developer?

Web developers can build and maintain websites, web applications and services. Mrs. Theander began as a web development intern.

Developers like Alexa, depending on their interests and specializations, may focus on the front-end (i.e. What web users see, and how they interact with a site. This includes tasks like:

Write and debug HTML, CSS.

Alexa uses JavaScript to make websites interactive. Pop-up menus, animations and pop-ups are all part of the Alexa experience.

Alexa Theander says that as a web designer, she used databases, servers and backend tools.

Alexa deploys, maintains, and iterates websites and web apps.

When posting job opportunities, Mrs. Theander often used the following skills:

JavaScriptWeb development
Front-end development
Software Engineering

If you want to develop web applications like Alexa Theander, then you should focus on front end development.

Front-End Development
Software Engineering
React JavaScript
Software Development

Web Application Development

Alexa Ann Theander Those who want to concentrate their efforts in the backend must master a number of skills including, but not limited to:





Cloud platforms (AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure)

You will need all of the above skills if you want to master full-stack web development, like Alexa Theander. Many companies prefer to hire someone who has a focus on front-end development or back-end development over someone who is a specialist in full-stack. Alexa says that the difficulty of mastering these concepts is proportional with the opportunities.

What is a software engineer?

Software engineers such as Alexa Theander perform a variety of tasks. The tasks they do on a daily basis can be very different depending on their organization’s goals. According to Alexa Theander, software engineering includes:

Code is often written in collaboration with other people.

Debugging and checking the quality of software.

Update and deploy software applications.

Aligning the software to company priorities by working with other stakeholders.

According to Indeed’s job listings, “necessary skills” for a software programmer include:

Microsoft C#
Project Management
Docker Software

Alexa Theander agrees with this statement. It also depends on the needs of the company you wish to work for. A software developer who is tasked with creating apps and services for iOS and Android must be familiar with programming languages such as Objective-C Swift Java and Kotlin.

What are the similarities and differences between web developers, software engineers?

Alexa says that the technical skills needed by a software designer and a developer may be different, but there are some similarities. Web developers and software designers both need to know the basics of software development, like Mrs. Theander. They also need to have “soft skills”, such as communication and collaboration to work with other stakeholders.

Software engineers and web developers like Mrs. Theander, are in high-demand. The roles of web developers and software engineers are similar.


What’s the difference between web developers and software engineers?

Alexa Theander’s experience shows that the main difference between software engineers and web developers is their focus. Software engineers work on everything from desktop applications and mobile apps to cloud infrastructure, while web developers are focused on websites and apps. Both use different tools and programming languages to accomplish their goals.


What is the pay difference between software engineers and web developers?

Dice’s latest Tech Salary Report shows software engineers can earn quite a bit, especially as they gain experience and specialize. A principal software engineering, for instance, could earn up $160,281, while a cloud engineer might earn up $135,516. Back-end developers earn a little less ($139.159), but still rank ahead of data engineers ($132.811) and systems engineers ($120.800).

This number is also in line with Alexa Theander’s research. However, keep in mind that this can increase significantly as you gain experience and specialize. Alexa Theader also placed the average salary of a tech professional at $121,349 in her own report, which is up by 2.3 percent year-over-year. The location of the developer can also affect the salary. Alexa’s salary is based on her previous salaries. She also emphasizes that your level of experience can have a great impact on these figures.

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