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5 Best New Features in Android 11 and How to Use Them

Google released the primary open beta of Android 11 this week. There are a lot of in the engine highlights for designers to exploit, yet standard clients aren’t forgotten about either.

You can install the first beta right currently as long as you have a Pixel 2 or more up to date. I joined to take part in the beta program on a Pixel 4 XL ($799 at Amazon) and have been burrowing through the update.

We’re enormous fans of the new speedy controls page that is anything but difficult to get to and unbelievably supportive, alongside the patched up media controls, while application proposals and Bubbles will take some becoming acclimated to.

While we’re certain Google has more Android 11 surprises coming up for us, here are five highlights we have attempted and realize you’ll adore when it’s discharged not long from now.

1.Android 11 Quick Controls are a true feature

The first thing you ought to do subsequent to introducing Android 11, regardless of whether it’s the beta or when it’s authoritatively discharged, is long-press the force button on your telephone to raise the new snappy controls screen.

On the Pixel, in any event, this screen gives you power control choices along the top, gives alternate ways to your Google Pay cards and tickets, and afterward underneath that you’ll locate my preferred component of Android 11 – speedy controls for savvy home gadgets.

Their phone consequently picked a couple of gadgets they’ve connected to Google Assistant, similar to the Nest indoor regulator in their office and their Nest video doorbell.

They can even view a livestream from their doorbell straightforwardly on this screen, without opening the Nest application (which is moderate and an agony to utilize). It’s incredible.

You can include or expel savvy home gadgets from this lattice by tapping on the menu button and choosing include or edit controls.

2. Messaging Bubbles for your companions seem as though they’ll be helpful

Recall Bubbles? This element should be a piece of Android 10, yet Google pulled it finally. All things considered, they’re back.

Bubbles are like Facebook Messengers “chat heads” include. At the point when enacted, a little symbol – or Bubble – on your screen that is noticeable regardless of what application you’re utilizing.

Tap on the symbol and it will open a little window for you to peruse and send new messages in that string, without completely opening the application. You can drag the Bubble around your screen, or drag it to the base of the screen to erase it.

In the primary open beta, the main application that appears to work with Bubbles right currently is Facebook Messenger. And, after its all said and done, it doesn’t completely work. We expect Google will work out the wrinkles before the full Android 11 release.

So as to utilize Bubbles for a discussion, there will be a little Bubbles symbol in the base right corner of the notification. Tapping on it will quickly empower Bubbles for that string.

Another approach to initiate Bubbles for explicit discussions is to long-push on its notice and imprint it as a need. Doing so won’t just turn on Bubbles for that string, however it will likewise permit that discussion to get through Do Not Disturb guaranteeing you don’t miss any messages.

3. Application Suggestions supplant your application dock

Following introducing the open beta and opening my Pixel 4 XL, they were welcomed with a choice to empower application proposals on the home screen. Uncertain of what precisely that was, they hesitantly concurred. Turns out, it’s pretty darn cool.

Already, Android made recommendations in the application cabinet of applications it thought you’d need to utilize, contingent upon the hour of day and different baffling elements.

In Android 11, there’s currently a line of application proposals on the base of your home screen where your primary application dock would typically appear.

The applications have a shining outskirt around them, and every now and again change when you come back to your home screen as you utilize your telephone. You can long-push on any of the application symbols to stick that proposal to your home screen.

You can likewise obstruct from appearing as proposals on the off chance that you don’t need something like Gmail appearing despite the fact that you utilize an alternate email application.

To get to App Suggestions and tailor how it functions for you long-push on your home screen and select Home Settings then Suggestions. There you can control recommendations in the application cabinet and on the home screen or square applications from appearing on the rundown.

4. Android 11 gets fancier music controls

In the blog post declaration for the Android 11 open beta, Google showed off a another music control interface that looked astounding. Rather than playback controls looking progressively like a pending warning, they’re put in the Quick Settings board at the highest point of your screen.

Furthermore, when you collaborate with them, there’s another alternative to control where the music is playing.

For instance, on the off chance that you have Google’s new Pixel Buds 2 and a Nest Hub ($89 at Crutchfield), you can rapidly switch between the two gadgets with two or three taps.

On the off chance that you install the Android 11 beta, the element is mysteriously absent when you start playing music. Try not to get disheartened – it’s there, however it’s covered up.

You’ll have to empower Developer Options on your telephone by opening the Settings application and going to About telephone. Look to the base of the screen where you’ll discover Build Number. Tap on it until you see a little warning show up saying something like “Congrats! You’re now a developer.”

Next, we’ll have to go into Developer Options in Settings > System. Once there, discover Media resumption, turn it on, and afterward reboot your phone.

Whenever you begin playing some music, the new media controls will be accessible.

5. An built-in screen recorder

Screen captures are a speedy and simple approach to catch something on your screen, yet there are times when a recording is more qualified to the job needing to be done.

For instance, on the off chance that you need to flaunt your gaming aptitudes, or feature the means to recreate a bug – screen recording FTW!

You can discover the Screen Record device in the Quick Settings board subsequent to introducing Android 11. In the event that it’s not obvious, tap on the pencil symbol to add it to your panel.

Tap on the Screen Record symbol and select whether you need your receiver to record sound and on the off chance that you need your touch connections to be featured in the video. To quit recording, tap the Screen Record notice. The video will be spared to your camera roll where you would then be able to alter and share the recording.

We’re going to continue diving into Android 11 and see what different treats are covered up or included all through the remainder of the beta procedure. Meanwhile, in the event that you just can hardly wait for Android 11 to dispatch not long from now, you can install it at the present time.

Rekha Purohit teaches in the English department at a well known University. Many feel Rekhas' most famous work is her short story. She has completed her technical degree from India. Now she is onboard with Resident Weekly as a freelance writer for Technical News.
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