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Topping the football game and maintaining your position at the top takes a lot – Jonquall Carrothers.

The fame, adulation and following that football stars enjoy is phenomenal, but what goes into its making is literally unknown to people.

Since the invention of sports, we have come across a number of talented players who have amazed us with their spectacular performances and outstanding talent on the field. Their playing skills and techniques have made them shine bright, and they have etched their name in the history of whichever sports they have excelled in. However, when we think deep, one question arises in our minds is what goes into the making of such extraordinary sports stars? Is just hard work and hours of practice, or there’s more to it? “A lot of efforts have to be put in inside the sports arena and outside it as well to emerge as true winners and sustain yourself in the game for a long period,” informs Jonquall Carrothers, who has established himself as a strong and reliable football player who knows his game to its roots and every move of his is designed to earn him a winning shot. Having been in the sport, done exceptionally well on the field and earning his team innumerable wins, winning awards for his spectacular performances, Jonquall says that the journey to the top is not as easy as it seems from a distance and one has to put in a lot of efforts to reach the position from where he can call the shots.

According to him, a sport star is not born overnight and the journey which takes him to the top has to be trodden with care as one wrong move can take a sports person’s career off the track. There are certain rules one needs to follow when on the field and stay focussed on not crossing lines which would jeopardize one’s career. Before a player shows his gaming skills, he has to be well-prepared off the field by building his character, which is powerful enough to make or break his sporting career. “Maintaining a calm and composed behavior goes a long way in building up a sports career in the right way. It doesn’t matter how well one’s playing performance is, if his character has any traits that are negative, it’s going to impact him hard,” says Carrothers. For a player to be successful he needs to carry a impressionable aura around him which would set an example for others, and above all displaying positive traits create an impression which goes well in building up a fan following. In short, a successful sports star has to epitomize a clean image clear of any taints to take the right path leading to a glorious career.

Jonquall Carrothers himself has carefully worked upon his sports career, the reason he’s been featured on CNN’s program titled America On Hold: We All Have a Story which was covered by the field producer and writer of the media giant, Demetrius Pipkin. “Staying focussed and not letting distractions deter you makes you a successful sports person,” says the Cumberland football star.

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