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The Sony Xperia 1 VI is expected to come pre-installed with in-camera authenticity technology

The next flagship smartphone from Sony is rumoured to be designed to take on competitors like the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra by incorporating luxury materials like titanium and next-generation Gorilla Glass Victus into the timeless Xperia 1-series design. With the kind of cameras it is rumoured to feature, the VI (or Mark 6) is now also believed to arrive ready to confront the particular problems devices of its era are practically guaranteed to face.

According to Sony, it is prepared for these problems relating to “altered or manipulated imagery” brought forth by generative artificial intelligence. The OEM has cooperated with the Associated Press to ensure that its “in-camera authenticity tech” is almost ready for use, since it feels that its “dissemination” through the media is especially harmful to society.

According to the rating, the latest innovation can produce “machine-based digital signatures” from “inside the camera at the moment of capture in the hardware chipset”. According to Sony, each one serves as a “birth certificate” for the specific photograph, so (hopefully) demonstrating that the photos were taken by a real person in real-world locations.

Firmware grants the capacity to produce photographs with these signatures, and it is planned to be released as an upgrade for the a7S III, a9 III, and alpha 1 “in the spring of 2024”; also, it will be included in the Xperia 1 VI and 5 VI when they make their respective debuts.

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