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The OnePlus 12R Is Set To Launch In Two Colours In Europe And Go Global

The global equivalent of the OnePlus Ace 3, the OnePlus 12R, has been made more accessible according to Roland Quandt. In summary, OnePlus revealed certain information about the former at the beginning of the month, including the existence of a 4,th generation LTPO AMOLED display and a 5,500 mAh battery. The Ace 3 was almost simultaneously released by the firm in China, boasting a number of high-end features that defy its mid-range price.

R series phones, such as the OnePlus 11R from last year, are usually limited to India and a few other Asian territories by OnePlus. Quandt said the OnePlus 12R, which he says will be available in Europe, is the company’s attempt at a fresh strategy. According to a new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certification, the phone may also be released in North America.

Quandt’s source suggests that OnePlus plans to offer the OnePlus 12R in black and blue, the debut colours of the Ace 3, for sale worldwide. Regretfully, the OnePlus 12R’s price is still undetermined in every area. On January 23, though, OnePlus has officially announced that it and the OnePlus 12 will make their worldwide debuts.

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