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The iPhone From Apple Is The Most Popular Smartphone Ever Sold

With billions of units sold and millions of active users, the iPhone has emerged as the best-selling smartphone ever.According to market news website Visual Capitalist, of the 15 best-selling mobile phones ever, the iPhone 6 comes in third place with 222 million copies sold, right behind the non-smartphone classics Nokia 1100 and 1110.

Moreover, six other positions in the ranking list are held by various iPhone models.

According to CNBC, Apple recently overthrew Samsung as the top smartphone vendor, breaking the latter’s 12-year monopoly.

Apple sold 236.4 million iPhones in 2023 compared to 226.6 million sold by Samsung.

Apple has always exceeded Samsung in terms of revenues and earnings, but this is the first time that it has led in terms of sales volume.

Sales of iPhones by Apple have topped 2.3 billion devices to date. Demand Sage, a provider of data reporting and analytics solutions, disclosed that there are more over 1.5 billion active smartphone users worldwide, representing 21.67% of the total population that uses smartphones.

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