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The Inspirational Journey from photographer to cinematographer and then Film Director of Mandar Sudhakar Khare

Mandar Sudhakar Khare was born on 5 March 1993 in Parbhani, Maharashtra. He is an Indian film director, cinematographer and actor.

Mandar Sudhakar Khare first gained popularity with his photography in 2011, later in 2013, through his first Project with storm fashion company. He debuts in Motion pictures with regional Movie Deoolband. After that, Mandar never looked back. He directed several short films, music videos and documentaries.

Mandar was very fond of cinema since childhood, and he had a lot of curiosities as to how movies were made. When he entered college, his photography skills made him a famous photographer in college. Only then did Mandar think to make music videos. He also made several music videos, films, and many award-winning documentary films, one after the other.

Mandar is an emerging face for independent filmmaking. Through his films, Mandar always strives to give a new direction to society and is always meant to help society somehow. At the age of 24, he received a membership from National Geographic Society and made him the first person from India to receive it. A national channel like Doordarshan interviewed him. The journey from photographer to film director was indeed what Mandar achieved after passing through many challenges and difficulties, and he never gave up his passion.

While talking about his upcoming project,
“There are many reasons why this web series is special. By the way, we had first thought of working on this story in 2016. After that, to gather good people, built a team and 2018 dawned and by the time, working on big Bollywood and Marathi Movie projects, this project of ours was going on for a long time. During COVID, the whole world was sitting at home and facing different problems. After spending a total of 6 years, we finally decided to do this project.

No one from the team, didn’t have any writing experience and that’s why we started meeting writers. But personally, I did not want the manipulation with main story at all and then decided, let’s try writing as well. With this web series, me and Akshata were doing multiple things, not because we did not had money or team, but we wanted to put everything on paper and screen as we had a thought”, said by Mandar Sudhakar Khare.

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