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The Godmother Of Punk Listened To Salar Bil The Godfather Of Conceptual Mode Of Tehran’s Transmit

The Godfather of conceptual fashion in Tehran  who received special awards from Patricia Lee Smith; shared his thoughts with his friend Patti Smith on a video including punk poet laureate imagery throughout history, that i only care about Patti Smith’s ‎‏‎‏opinion, “fashion is a form of ugliness so absolutely unbearable that we have to alter it every six months!” Oscar Wilde; he explained about many disciplines with his voice recording, physics of condensed matter to understand how evolution sprinted for the earliest life, the origins of marriages and now he wants to start his own digital audio files on the internet for reminding as documents, so he can have a broader view on life in this new voice, visual qualities or aesthetics of stage of life or video movement , He explained in his article: “The work of the Japanese avant-garde and the general arena of fashion provide a unique lens through which to view a central political/intellectual dilemma of our late twentieth century-worlds: the possibilities, not for pristine resistance or opposition, as though such a thing were possible, but for what Linda Hutcheon (1989) calls “complicitous critique” within a discursive field defined by commodity capitalism and mass culture. The work of the avantgarde designers enacts oppositional gestures to convention: contesting the boundaries between fashion and art, challenging the conventions about what counts as clothing, rethinking the relationship between form and function and the relationship between garments and gendered, raced bodies, refiguring the beautiful, enlarging possibilities for enacting gender, and subverting the gender binary. But what can their contestations and oppositional practices mean in a domain suffused, indeed constituted, by commodification? A domain whose very existence is defined by the endless production of desire in consumers, planned obsolescence, the global assembly line, and the reinscription of class distinctions? Focusing on these questions in the arena of fashion forms part of my larger political and intellectual project as a woman of color in the academy. For many people on the margins, style is not merely superficial decoration but an arena for the production of potentially oppositional identities. Sometimes the body is the most available surface for inscribing resistance. Studying fashion thus becomes an intervention that seeks to widen the spaces in the academy for what counts as legitimate academic inquiry and for what counts as political. Popular or mass culture is still viewed with considerable suspicion in some circles, and fashion, in particular, still indexes the frivolous. On the plane of gender, philosopher Iris Young articulates the dilemma (1990), what one might call a patriarchal double bind: that fashion both defines woman as object, requiring our interest in the aesthetic production of ourselves as gendered subjects in order to be fully woman, while at the same time condemning fashion as a trivial occupation for silly girls. On the level of fashion and the individual subject, Carolyn Steedman makes a related point in her Landscape for a Good Woman, when she writes of her mother’s desire for a Dior New Look dress, a “proper envy” of the upper classes that constituted a political critique of class structure.” On the other hand Cinzia Malvini with her special editor Diane Pernet a legend American in Fashion, who is a respected journalist, critic, curator and talent-hunter based in Paris published an article called “Freedom Icon” before 16 September 2022 as a reaction to the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini: “Based in Tehran, and very openly himself … Salar Bil the Godfather of conceptual mode, ….” & Bil is internet age artist, He explained to Patti about the movement he did about shadow projection and media and of course the Deutsch radio that he talked about globalization; Salar studied cinema at first and writing scripts and writing movie reviews at high-school; and fashion is a form of film making in the stage of life, Salar with his cow pictures with a woman on the beach explained about Surrealism with art as existence collection inspired by Gholam-Hossein Sa’edi in a video and after that on Instagram explained and Patti Smith was agree that: “I wont sympathize; because I knew Akbar Radi, Saedi and Beyzāêi histories that are included in my documentary films during the art-school and these celebrities have nothing in common with the rich culture of Iran and bread they ate the price of the day, I mean time servers, now they have to pay for it! Fair …. as Beyzaei said: “Knowingly or unknowingly, all of us are considered Sa’edis student” you choose your path, When you study the history of art well, you plan for the future of your country, I don’t claim, but I alone started a new wave for my rich culture, I know that I live in a good way and it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks and I went for American pop, the student of Andy Warhol; LaChapelle… In my documentaries, Iran’s rich culture contrasts with the West, Iranian girl in her contrast cultural beliefs between Iran’s rich culture and heading stripped club at the night as a student, i tried to understand the differences between west and at the same time not being very dogmatic about west or being patriot, I studied it repeatedly and repeatedly to understand and spent time that I am in my own belief system, Art & Language is a collaboration of conceptual artists since its creation in the late 1960s, I never understood them, the new trend in conceptual art – the method of “ready-made things”. Duchamp exposed everyday objects to the public, for example, dryers for bottles & life is out of my control… I can take refuge in my existence because I made a work that gave the right answer and all of them should apologize for their helpless existence. I risk my life for truth but their reasons do not solve any problem and they increased their corruption. which do not pay attention to the truth in any way. It was only with “New Wave” that the Iranian cinema industry achieved a real identity. I stood up for them, not the embezzled cinema but the bankrupt cinema, i mean the thieves who also imprison their neighbors… Salar did not even reject talking to Komod.Space, WACHAAR MAGAZINE, MODAM Concept Store, AASSTTIINN & even IRIB TV2 wanted Salar as a guest, these government servers but Salar stood on his beliefs and do not believe that they are doing anything for his rich culture; in his mindset and destiny that shaped through Iranian art history and openly promote feminist and LGBTQIA ideas on TV. on his Instagram: “They are mad at me as well~ we are all criminals! Herds of cows come out of our dreams…Soon, the Rrose Sélavy alter ego of Marcel Duchamp or my alter-ego Bil with the help of Kim Gordon,(i know you can’t handle Kim) who told from the end of capitalism, and the pillar of the left our foundation built by her, the same articles that I have to work on in the coming years. But like when my dialectic came out! & they said we don’t have the patience to think. The cows chew the earth, swallow the earth and stare at the moon with their knobbed eyes.

So that they become meals of this pretentious human being even thinner than before.

They are also creditor, people have endured hunger for years. Ahvaz is so hot in the summer that it is better to die than to live in that climate, dehydration is coming.

Why were they not with us? Who you fooling ?

The handle of this ax that is hitting the tree is from the trunk of the tree itself.  The rational mind with the justifying mind needs a lot of effort to grasp the collar of its and give to understand، check out the facts, let’s gather our minds,as an wanabe artist,my goal is to stand in front of the war and bring awareness and preserve the planet, we came from the planet and we will only return to the planet ALONE, we all have the sun and the moon on the surface of the globe, At least we have the ability to launch our own artistic wave with the approval of the legends of art history…. The greats of our art history are faked nowadays, who will bring the mission magazine of humanity with the conceptual ultimatum of the economic, one of the messages of China’s recent turn is that China is completely in  It stands next to the first pole of the economy, the poles of the economy… And the disease that they injected us so that we don’t get it harder, art is the answer, art is facing the war and has been and will be. If you look at art, you are wrong. The history of art has told us what it is used for. The goal is to solve cultural problems, not to harm and threaten each other!  (Government puppets: “Any time … Go vote… Encourage voting!”)

Well, you choose this path yourself… Silence is easy as well as ignorance… that we are always ignorant, Rrose Sélavy, alter-ego of Duchamp, ‏feminine pseudonym was less about trickery, as it was just one of many attempts to tease ideas about identity and self-representation, particularly in portraits of himself. I believe in the death of the theory of the author and I think that I am not an artist in any way and I am following in the footsteps of the previous ones.” ‏”The Death of the Author” is a 1967 essay by the French literary critic and theorist Roland Barthes. Barthes’s essay argues against traditional literary criticism’s practice of relying on the intentions and biography of an author to definitively explain the “ultimate meaning” of a text.

In Iran, the book “Forgery and self-creation” compiled and translated by Zahra Qiyasi is about the topic of self-creation. This book deals with the topic of self-creation from a philosophical and legal point of view and has a brief and useful review on this topic. However, in my opinion, more books should be published in this field because we are facing a shortage in many theoretical issues in Iran.

Artists step on the previous steps and build the foundation of art together. Therefore, no artist can create a completely new work and always has influences from the works of his predecessors in his work. In the conservatory, I used to review Saedi maybe several times a week and I came to the conclusion that maybe I will try to write, but I have to work a lot to improve myself. I admit, my BIL has been influenced by thousands of artists, not simply by analyzing and understanding their art, Duchamp way, Other likenesses included mugshots that cast him as a criminal and photographs simultaneously depicting him from five different vantage points, but Rrose in particular is one of the most enigmatic parts of the artist’s oeuvre. By creating a female alter ego, and one shrouded in a certain mystery, Duchamp managed to balance the art of contradiction, troubling and underpinning his ideas and intentions in one fell swoop, According to Marcel, the most influential person in the formation of his artistic mentality was his older brother, Jacques Villon;  The second person was his art teacher in high school who had taught him important points during his studies. I owe a lot to Ketayun Taleizadeh, My mother sent me to various sketch classes, but I got in touch with katayoun when I was 11/12 years old and I can say that someone It is that the formation of my mentality left me free, as I used to praise Duchamp in my previous time at the conservatory…. Duchamp’s intention is that,

 The first thing you need to know is that a person does not know that they are under the influence. He thinks that he is free, while he is far from liberation… and the goal of art is liberation and healing and nothing else…

Kati played in two episodes of 10 Kiarostami’s movie and introduced me to Abbas Kiarostami and I went making avant-garde documentaries, She always let me be me, Ketayoun…. You are my most important teacher from Mr. Maher and Kiarostami and others… Katayoun became a healthy and beautiful artist….. and i owe her a lot from age of 11” Kim Gordon, Godmother of Grunge build the left pillar of Salar Bil’s foundation so hopefully articles from high school until know help us understand a better way of art, “ i have to work really hard to make something worthy for the culture, As my role model Patti Smith told me you should have a book i try my best so maybe one day i can be a writer” and maybe his voices will be useful for other generations.

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