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T -Jones music loves both the younger and older audience

T-Jones has made a name for himself as the King of East Texas by his hip-hop, unique rap style that has lured big names like Kevin Gates, and many others to collaborate with him. In the past few years, his…

Hip-hop artist Justzai

In these quarantined and uncertain times, the entertainment industry has taken a loss with the absence of shows, mass productions, and unity in community. However, the attention has been brought strongly to the music industry. Just recently Chattanooga artist, Justzai,…

Milan Hightower’s Hip-Hop Success Story and Music Journey

Charlotte N.C continues to produce big rap acts, and Milan Hightower is at the forefront of the rising artists that are shining. Read how he got into the game and what he’s accomplished so far. Who is Milan Hightower? One…

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