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Ford creates the ideal camping mode function for its upcoming electric pickup truck

With its upcoming electric pickup, Ford plans to enhance camping.Ford submitted a patent application to the German Patent and Trade Mark Office for a “Swiveling Sill for a Vehicle.” The electric truck described in the patent, which CarBuzz stumbled upon,…

Ford will construct a $3.5 billion battery factory in Michigan, despite the governor of Virginia’s rejection

The automaker announced on Monday that it will invest $3.5 billion in the construction of a factory in Michigan that will produce inexpensive batteries for some of its electric vehicles. In the city of Marshall, the facility will be built…

Ford declares plans to return to Formula One starting with the 2026 season

Ford, one of the biggest automakers in the United States, has stated that they will return to Formula 1 when new engine regulations are implemented in 2026. This will add another chapter to the American organization’s extensive history in the…

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