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Researchers Find That Employers Are Averse to Taking on Entrepreneurs for 9 to 5 Job

A lot of people choose to pursue professions in entrepreneurship and try to launch profitable companies. But not every aspirant business owner succeeds in creating a stable enterprise. Approximately 50% of newly established enterprises fail within five years after opening….

Sahil Suri gets candid on how social media will influence businesses

There was a time when we were unaware of the internet and now, we can barely imagine our lives without social media. It has opened doors for international business and dozens of companies made expansions in the Indian market. The…

Types of entrepreneurship and types of definition of entrepreneur from Mehdi moslehi language

An entrepreneur is an individual who provides the means of production to produce products that can be marketed. The entrepreneur is the agent who combines all the means of production and is responsible for the value of the products, the…

DearDoc Founder Joe Brown gives back to the world with his podcast ‘Creator of Circumstance

Joe Brown founded DearDoc, an AI-powered platform to help doctors onboard and retain new patients. Although he was not a genius at school, his first part-time job opened up a new door of possibilities when he realized how amazing he…

Top 5 Success Tips by Sezgin Mangjuka For Entrepreneurs to Achieve Success

Sezgin Mangjuka is a Kosovo-based entrepreneur and CEO of Pixatronix, an ROI-driven digital marketing agency, which offers various branding and online promotion services to its clients. Since childhood Sezgin has been extremely passionate about entrepreneurship. But his journey from a…

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