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DearDoc Founder Joe Brown gives back to the world with his podcast ‘Creator of Circumstance

Joe Brown founded DearDoc, an AI-powered platform to help doctors onboard and retain new patients. Although he was not a genius at school, his first part-time job opened up a new door of possibilities when he realized how amazing he was at fueling up sales. With a strong will to uphold his father’s legacy as a part of the business sector, Joe’s sheer determination and dedication to give his best has earned him the success that his business thrives on today.

Joe got his undergraduate degree from the University of Arizona. Using his technology and sales background to create software that is not only sustainable but also efficient, he was able to create something never thought of before. However, Joe wasn’t a mastermind of business and had to go through some harrowing experiences to learn the invaluable lessons he is so proud of.

Entering the corporate world and understanding its rudiments at such a young age is a feat in itself. Joe is thankful for the lessons he has learned and wants to share them with those who find them useful in their journey ahead as a young entrepreneurs. Therefore, he started his podcast called ‘Creator of Circumstance,’ where he shares brilliant tips and tricks that will help your personal and professional life get on the right track! “It’s a great feeling to be able to give back to other people through my own lived experiences,” says DearDoc founder Joe Brown.

Laying the foundation of a successful business is not a trifle. According to Joe Brown, it demands the most diligent side of you that is possible only if you evolve. The first step towards this goal is learning from the forebears in the industry. With Joe, not only will you come face to face with the highs that the business world offers you but the points that will try to put you down as well. Joe knows how crucial this part is and has therefore taken responsibility to share it with the world.