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Studies Reveal that Obesity and Cancer are Associated in Over Half of All Instances

Lund University in Sweden conducted a study with 4.1 million people who were closely observed for around 40 years on their weight and lifestyle.

Almost half of cancer instances are associated with obesity, according to recent studies, therefore maintaining your physical health through exercise and food control is essential. The reported , May 10, that 4.1 million participants in a study conducted by Sweden’s Lund University were closely observed for almost 40 years, with particular attention paid to their weight and lifestyle. More than 332,000 cancer cases were found throughout that time.

According to the survey, there seemed to be a connection between the onset of cancer and being overweight in 40% of these patients. The university’s researchers discovered a total of 32 cancer kinds that were linked to fat. The paper also mentioned other studies conducted globally that connected 13 different cancer kinds to fat.

The research results will be presented in Venice at the European Congress on Obesity.

“Important implications for public health”

The results of the study, according to researchers, have significant ramifications for public health.

The researchers stated that a significant percentage of cancers may be avoided by maintaining a normal weight. “Established obesity-related cancers accounted for 25 per cent of all cancer cases in this study, and the proportion increased to 40 per cent when potential obesity-related cancers were added,” they said.

The European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO) president, Professor Jason Halford, told the journal that the study was a solid, extensive examination.

“As always, more research is needed but it reveals what many studying the links between cancer and obesity have suspected; that obesity is likely to be a risk factor for many more types of cancer than we had evidence for before,” said Professor Halford.

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