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SAS Will Transition at the End of August From Star Alliance to SkyTeam

After being recapitalized by a group that includes SkyTeam partner Air France-KLM, the Scandinavian airline SAS will depart Star Alliance and join SkyTeam at the end of August.

According to SAS, starting on September 1st, travelers will be eligible for benefits with “most” SkyTeam airlines.

The airline’s restructuring under US Chapter 11 led to the airline’s shift of allegiance, despite the Scandinavian operator being a founding member of Star Alliance in 1997.

Air France-KLM will own a minority stake in SAS as part of a consortium that is giving the airline fresh equity.

SAS is joining SkyTeam subsequent to Air France-KLM’s involvement in its reorganization.

According to SAS, it is in “advanced negotiations” to establish “extensive” commercial partnerships with SkyTeam and several of its airlines.

According to SAS, it is in “advanced negotiations” to build “extensive” commercial relationships with SkyTeam and several of its airlines.The Scandinavian airline SAS will leave Star Alliance and join SkyTeam at the end of August, having been recapitalized by a company that includes SkyTeam partner Air France-KLM.

Travelers will be eligible for perks with “most” SkyTeam airlines as of September 1st, according to SAS.

Although the Scandinavian operator was a founding member of Star Alliance in 1997, the airline’s change of allegiance resulted from its restructuring under US Chapter 11.

A minority interest in SAS will be owned by Air France-KLM as part of a consortium that is providing the airline with new stock.

SAS is becoming a member of SkyTeam after Air France-KLM was involved in its restructuring.

SAS claims that it is in “advanced negotiations” with SkyTeam and many of its airline relationships to form “extensive” business collaborations.

Paul Verhagen, chief commercial officer of SAS, states, “We are thrilled to progress on our alliance transition journey and pave the way for delightful new destinations and loyalty program benefits across the world.”

According to SAS, SkyTeam perks for participants of its EuroBonus loyalty program, which will endure following its Star departure, will be “similar” to those provided by Star carriers.

According to the airline, passengers would have access to nearly 1,000 destinations and 19 additional carriers.

As one of Star’s original members, SAS had several of its aircraft painted with the alliance’s livery.

According to Star Alliance, it has maintained a “significant presence” in Scandinavia and northern Europe, and 17 of its member airlines will keep providing service to the area.

It states that it wants the SAS withdrawal to be “seamless,” especially for flights that have already been scheduled.

After SAS departs, Star Alliance will still have 25 member airlines and provide more than 3,700 monthly flights to locations in Scandinavia.

It continues, “In the future, Star Alliance member airlines may bring additional service to Scandinavia,”

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