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Samsung Updates The Galaxy Buds 2, 2 Pro, and FE Earphones With Galaxy AI Features

Users of Galaxy S24 series smartphones will be able to access certain Galaxy AI functions, such Live Translate, by using compatible Galaxy Buds, according to a recent announcement from Samsung. Through a firmware upgrade, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro, Galaxy Buds2, and Galaxy Buds FE are now receiving the Galaxy AI features.

When the Live Translate feature is activated, users of the Galaxy S24 series smartphones can view real-time call translations while conversing through the associated Galaxy Buds. Additionally, the Galaxy Buds interface supports the Interpreter feature, which makes it easier to translate in-person discussions in real time.

When utilising the Interpreter feature on Galaxy Buds, users just talk into the Buds microphone; another user can access their translated voice via a smartphone from the Galaxy S24 series. According to Samsung, this will make it possible for two people to converse almost naturally, doing away with the need to share a phone and control translated speech using a split-screen interface.

In addition to offering Galaxy AI features, Samsung has revealed deals and upgrades worth up to Rs 6,000 on the

Galaxy Buds FE and the Galaxy Buds 2 series. These are the specifics:

Cost of the Galaxy Buds 2 series

Pixel Buds 2 Pro: INR 17,999
Galaxy Buds 2: 11,999 rupees

Deals on the Galaxy Buds 2 series

With the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, Samsung is giving customers the option of an upgrade at the same price or a rebate reduction of Rs 6,000. Customers purchasing Galaxy Buds 2 might receive an upgrade offer worth Rs 3000 or a rebate discount of Rs 5,000.

Prices and offers for Galaxy Buds FE

The Buds FE is available for Rs 9,999 and comes with a Rs 3,000 cashback coupon. Customers may also take advantage of an upgrade offer for the same price.

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