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New Password Reset Feature For Vision Pro Users In VisionOS 1.1 Beta

Some Vision Pro users have learned the hard way that there is no way to reset the gadget if you forget your password, as Bloomberg reported yesterday. You have to bring your Vision Pro to an Apple Store or service facility if this occurs. Fortunately, visionOS 1.1 beta appears to fix this issue.

In the event that they forget their password, Vision Pro users will be able to reset their device.

Usually, Optic ID is used by Vision Pro to authenticate users using their eyes. Users must, however, provide their password in some circumstances, such as upon a reboot. All you can do, though, is return the headset to an Apple Store, and they will reset the password if you forget it.

visionOS 1.1 beta, which was made available to developers on Tuesday, includes a feature that allows users to remove all data from a Vision Pro in the event that they forget the password required to open the device, according to code that 9to5Mac discovered.

You may recover your iPhone or iPad by connecting it to a computer if you lose your password. Nevertheless, Vision Pro does not allow for this. The Apple Watch offers the ability to delete all data directly from the device in the event that you forget your password, despite the fact that it cannot be linked to a computer. visionOS 1.1 now offers a feature akin to this one.

“There is a security lockdown on this Apple Vision Pro. When the user enters the incorrect password too frequently, a new system notice will show up. “You can wait and try your passcode again, or you can erase and reset this Apple Vision Pro now,” it states. Remember that the Vision Pro has an activation lock, thus in order to reactivate the device, you will still need your Apple ID password.

According to people with knowledge of the situation, several Vision Pro users were having password-related problems, particularly when their Optic ID failed. These reports were provided to 9to5Mac. Apple has made software available so that retail staff members can use the developer-only USB-C converter to restore Vision Pro.

Additional information on visionOS 1.1

The first Apple Vision Pro beta version is called visionOS 1.1. The device can now be configured for corporate contexts thanks to the addition of support for Mobile Device Management (MDM).

Though the precise release date of visionOS 1.1 is unknown, it seems likely that it will coincide with the release of iOS 17.4 in early March.

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