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Prashant Gupta- The next gen of digital marketing sphere

Prashant Gupta, born on 5th January,2002  in Himachal Pradesh is an astute Digital Marketer. He has the ability to run ads and make anything viral.With a focused mindset he has been able to make a mark in the ever growing competitive field of digital marketing. He is just 18 years old and yet age is just a number for him. He uses his expertise to make sales for Ecom sites.

He aspires to travel the world someday. Regardless of the thousands of the followers he has on his insta pages, he is not much attached to his social media handles. He doesn’t rely on one source of income and constantly keeps experimenting .

In a world when parents spurlge lakhs of rupees on their children’s education, Prashant is a proof that you don’t need a degree to follow your passion or earn money.

As a digital marketing consultant, Prashant believes that in order to survive in this business it is of paramount importance that a client is retained for the longest time. Healthy relations with clients result in the increase in paycheck and subsequent referrals. He further iterates on the fact that client engagement plays a pivotal role in digital marketing

The digital world is dynamic so he keeps upskilling himself to stay at par with the demand in market.

Even during the pandemic when the market shrunk and businesses were hit badly, he was not bogged down. Instead he polished his skills and explored wider horizons. He is an inspiration for many. He is determined to have a mark in the Industry that shall remain etched forever.

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