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OtterBox Folding Stand for MagSafe Impeccably Points your iPhone

OtterBox has launched its Folding Stand for MagSafe, a reduced represent the iPhone 12 that joins Apple’s accusing arrangement of a work area stand that can point the iPhone anyway you need it.

The OtterBox Folding Stand for MagSafe is a weighted mounting point for the iPhone 12. The stand includes a pivot, which permits the connected iPhone to be undeniably situated at the right plot for different applications, for example, video calls at a work area or real time video on a lounge chair.

A MagSafe Charger is required to work with the stand, which can be put into the principle holder, while the link is taken care of through the dock’s body. To keep the link clean, the base incorporates a segment to loop the link around, to limit any overabundance link between the stand and the outlet.

When the MagSafe Charger is introduced, viable iPhones can be mounted to it in representation and scene direction. At the point when not being used, the pivot permits the top segment to lie level on top of the base.

Produced using polycarbonate and aluminum, the stand has a manufactured elastic weighted base to limit slipping on a work area. An exceptional completion is professed to oppose scratches and fingerprints, keeping it searching useful for more.

Offered in Atlas Silver, the OtterBox Folding Stand for MagSafe is evaluated at $39.95, and is accessible from the OtterBox site.

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