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One of the most influential Cryptocurrency analyst and forex traders,Georgios Dalgkitsis brings the boon of Bitcoins into limelight

Georgios Dalgkitsis was born in Greece and now resides in London.He is a successful Forex trader and investor.
Though he started off his professional life in Mayfair, London,his interest in this field of cutting edge technology never ceased to impress him

But his Destiny had other plans and even though he lost his job,he found his true calling in the realm of Currency Market.
He started to broaden his horizon on blockchain driven Cryptocurrency, Bitcoins.

Soon,he presaged that this virtual currency would rule the market and would shoot upto worth billions of dollars.
He began analysing and investing.

What made him this successful was his confidence and ability to strategise.
Georgios Dalgkitsis not only powers his own lifestyle through the lucrative returns of Forex Trading and investments but helps others to have the same passion and drive for a better life.

Georgios Dalgkitsis’s journey has been one of a kind and is extremely inspirational.


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