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On Australian freeway, Koala jumps behind wheel of vehicle in the wake of causing accident

He was simply hangin’!

A koala caused a six-fender bender when it ran across probably the busiest interstates on Monday provoking drivers to leap to the marsupial’s salvage.

A man whose vehicle was hit from behind at around 7 a.m., causing a chain response, was the first to escape his vehicle to attempt to save the cuddly anima.

Another driver, Nadia Tugwell, she later saw the textured savage moving between vehicles on the expressway, not a long way from the heap up.

“Then I saw a lady running after it with a blanket trying to catch it,” she reviewed.

The two ladies figured out how to corner the koala and packaged it up in a coat prior to returning it in the of Tugwell’s vehicle.

Tugwell, who had recently saved different creatures from neighborhood streets, masterminded the Adelaide Koala Rescue focus to meet her at a close by service station.

While she trusted that rescuers will show up, the cuddly animal got settled in her vehicle and even bounced behind the controlling wheel, photographs appeared.

“I was sitting there entertaining myself but I had to jump out of the car at that stage when he decided to take over,” Tugwell said.

A controller from the koala salvage was in the end ready to move the marsupial into a pack.

“He was actually quite a calm koala, he didn’t even fight about being in the bag, he was just calm and went into the basket,” Tugwell said.

Ann Bigham, a volunteer at the salvage, the koala emerged from the experience “scot-free.”

The creature was liberated into the wild not exactly a mile from the turnpike.

“The koala was in really good condition, it was lucky it hadn’t been hit at all and thanks to the rescuers it was kept safe,” Bigham said.

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