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Nova Launcher Releases New Features for Beta Version

A number of new features have been added to the beta version of the well-known Android customisation tool Nova Launcher. These additions are part of the Nova Launcher 8.0.14 Beta release. The announcement was tweeted by the app’s official social media page. It includes a list of the newly-added features and bug patches, which are as follows:

  • Include a Gemini helper icon selection
  • Provide support for the App Language feature of Android 13.
  • Include IP address support in the search
  • You can copy MicroResults to the clipboard by selecting Many repairs using the search bar located in the bottom drawer.

Users can also get version 8.0.14 from the Nova Launcher discord channel; a beta release on the Google Play Store is anticipated shortly. It’s interesting to note that the most recent beta release brings compatibility for Google Gemini, which is accessible for Android phones in a number of global locations.

In case you are not familiar with launchers. The Nova launcher is only one of several comparable programmes that let users customise the UI of their phone by offering options for different icon packs, fonts, visual effects, and other elements.

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