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Notre Dame vs. Florida State score, takeaways: No. 9 Irish surrender lead yet outlast than Seminoles in OT

No. 9 Notre Dame endure a rebound as a rule found in motion pictures about Notre Dame football to beat Florida State 41-38 in extra time on Sunday night at Doak Campbell Stadium. The Fighting Irish blew a 38-20 second from last quarter lead late in Tallahassee, Florida, on account of the arrival of Florida State quarterback McKenzie Milton.

Milton, the previous UCF QB, was back on the field without precedent for a very long time subsequent to experiencing a calamitous leg injury with the Knights that many idea he’d always be unable to get back from.

Unfortunately, Milton’s vibe acceptable story wasn’t sufficient to put the Seminoles over the top.

Florida State got the ball first in extra time yet couldn’t move it, missing a 40-yard field objective endeavor. Notre Dame didn’t botch its opportunity, completing the game and staying away from the misfortune with a 41-yard field objective of its own.

Wisconsin move QB Jack Coan tossed for a profession high 366 yards and four scores for the Fighting Irish, which had three players finish the game with somewhere around 80 yards getting.

Here are four focal points from what may have been the best round of the initial few days of school football.

  1. Milton won the night

It’s hard to adequately articulate the feeling of seeing Milton back on the field. Jordan Travis started the game for Florida State, and keeping in mind that he made some plays and a couple of decent tosses to keep Florida State in it, he additionally tossed three expensive captures. Milton’s passage into the game gave a flash that almost conveyed the Seminoles to a rebound win.

It’s one thing to see Milton back on the field in a game like this by any stretch of the imagination, considering the injury he endured, yet to have him play very much was a clincher. he finished 5 of 7 passes for 48 yards and had the option to assist in the run game too – regardless of whether you wanted to cover your eyes each time he started to scramble since you would not like to see him get injured. ABC’s cameras continued panning to Milton’s folks in the stands, and we as a whole felt like his mother, who was in tears and could scarcely watch.

I have no clue about how the remainder of the period will go for Milton, however regardless of whether he never steps foot on the field again, the reality he made it back at all is one of those accounts that makes all games extraordinary. Not simply school football.

  1. Coan had an excellent comeback, too

It might get buried in the Milton story, however Coan lost his beginning employment to Graham Mertz at Wisconsin last season because of injury. Sunday night was Coan’s first opportunity to remind everyone that, while he’s not a Heisman Trophy-type quarterback, he’s as yet fit for driving a solid offense. He likewise showed that occasionally we shouldn’t pass judgment on Wisconsin QBs by the offense they play in.

Coan was dynamic, and the Irish offense ran a ton of vertical routes that he had the option to hit. That is a feature of the Notre Dame offense that was non-existent in ongoing seasons with Ian Book playing. Say what you need about Book – and everyone associated with the Notre Dame program raves about him – he was restricted as a QB. He didn’t have a major arm and was to a greater degree a scrambler rather than a pocket-passer.

Coan doesn’t have a cannon, yet he has an arm sufficiently able to utilize outside dangers like Kevin Austin (four gets, 91 yards, score) and Braden Lenzy (two gatherings, 39 yards). He’s likewise ready to use Michael Mayer (nine gets, 120 yards, score) both over the center of the field and down the creases.

Ironically, the hurrying assault that conveyed the Irish offense last season was for all intents and purposes non-existent as they ran for just 65 yards on 35 conveys. On the opposite side, the Noles had an enormous day on the ground with their main two running backs adding up to 220 yards and two scores on 26 conveys.

It was Coan’s arm that drove the way. In the event that Notre Dame ran the ball like this against Florida State with Book at QB, it doesn’t dominate this match.

  1. Kyle Hamilton is spectacular

Hamilton will clearly be a best 10 pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, and he showed why Saturday night with two captures. While both were great, it was his second pick that made your eyes jump off of your mind in wonderment. Take a gander at how Hamilton begins the play at the far hash and advances across the field to the contrary sideline to catch the toss. There are relatively few people on this planet who are fit for making that play, and I’m certain Notre Dame is excited to have one who can.

  1. Florida State has plenty to feel good about

I really wanted to feel that last season’s Florida State group – and most Florida State groups of late – would have stopped when they fell behind 38-20 late in the second from last quarter. There wouldn’t have been any confidence in the players or even the mentors on the sideline that they’d be equipped for returning from that huge shortfall against a best 10 group.

In any case, this FSU group as of now feels unique. Mentor Mike Norvell actually has far to go in Tallahassee, yet there are a lot of signs this is going the correct way. While Milton was the star, he wasn’t the lone exchange who sparkled around evening time. Georgia move Jermaine Johnson had a beast night, getting done with seven handles, 1.5 sacks and 2.5 handles for a misfortune. It’s been some time since the Noles have had a troublesome power like him on their protective line, and he’s a huge motivation behind why the Irish arrived at the midpoint of just 2.6 yards per convey while adapting to sack yardage.

There’s battle in this Florida State group, and there’s a psychological strength that I haven’t found in years. In case I’m a Florida State fan around evening time, I’m pitiful the Seminoles lost the game, yet I am humming with energy regarding what the remainder of this season could resemble.

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